You can be a Re-Seller of all of our packages.


In order to become a Re-Seller, you will need to buy from us first 5 Subscriptions within 3 months at the normal prices from the same email address.


The Re-Seller can sell at any prices he wants.


Prices for Re-Sellers are:


Package A    (1 month):      € 10

Package B   (3 months):     € 25

Package C   (6 months):     € 45

Package D (12 months):     € 75





If your are confident that you will have several clients, we can supply you with your own Panel where you can add or delete your own clients.


In order to do this, your prepay us the amount of 500 euro and give you access to a panel with 500 credits. Those 500 credits can be used in any way that you want.


1 credit = 1 euro


Prices for Re-Sellers are:


Package A    (1 month):      €10

Package B   (3 months):     €25

Package C   (6 months):     €45

Package D (12 months):     €75


If you need more credits then you will buy from us again which will cost again 1 credit = 1 euro (for example a 12 months subscription is 75 credits) and you buy as many credits as you like.



To see the Re-Seller’s Panel Tutorial press HERE


Re-Sellers Panel Video Tutorial below: